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Otto 5/2012 011

It was only a matter of time before I worked around to creating a garment from a current issue of Ottobre.  Funny thing though, the pattern pieces for this style

are exactly the same as the Basic T Shirt Issue 2/2006 #1. Well almost. I compared my Basic T tissue to the pattern sheet and found that the differences were limited to the marks indicating where pleats should be formed on the front.   I didn’t form pleats. Nope I marked the front and then applied clear elastic on the inside.  I stretch a 4″ length to about 6″.  Then I cut a 1.75″ strip and turned it into a tube.   I stitched the tube over the gathers which developed on the front from the elastic popping back into place.

I did miss one step.The neckline binding should be stitched to form a V.

I didn’t do that. Not that I didn’t want to; I just forgot. Oh well it gives me another option for future versions.
I do think that I made my gathering too long. 3″ and maybe the inch right below the neckline should not have been gathers. Ah well options for another time. Right?

My fabric is an interesting matelasse formed of two light-weight knit fabrics.  I’d wear neither of these on their own but together they form a medium-weight warm fabric.  The matelasse appears as little holes on the top layer of the knit. Very interesting.  When I first purchased it, I was thinking summer and purchased 1.5 yards.  I realized while handling the fabric that I would be too warm.  By being very careful I was able to eek out this long sleeve T.  This fabric, despite being knit, does not have as much stretch. So in all honesty I can say, I should have added a bit more ease and would have if there had been more that 1.5 yards of fabric.  I don’t think the back

or side view

is all that terrible. It’s just that it could be better.

I’m really pleased about the pattern itself.  I”m really pleased that Otto took the basic pattern and added a change which makes a huge difference in the final appearance.  Kudos Otto.  Keep doing this kind of thing.