Drape Front Blouse: Fitting

Cutting the fabric was easy as pie, although I opted not to cut center front or back seams. It will give me a slightly different look than the model, but I’m really more interested in how this will fit.  As Otto recommended I taped the back shoulders, then basted all the pieces together before taking pics.

My initial reaction is somewhat mixed.  I didn’t make any accommodations for my asymmetrical shoulders and therefore I see more wrinkles/drapes/pull lines beneath the right shoulder all the way to the hem on both front and back.  I also didn’t see the recommendation to use a double-sided fabric.  Something I’ll think about in the future, because the cowl inside is probably going to show. OK if that’s what you want.

I slipped shoulder pads inside and took a second set of pics. I don’t always do a good job with the pads are free-floating but they did improve the appearance of the job.  As will, I’m sure, the Spanx I will be wearing as the days get cooler->cold. The shoulders are wider than I expected.  I  thought they were extended-shoulder/drop sleeve but only slightly so more like my In-armscye cap sleeve than the 70’s bicep location. Ok I made a good story better.  These are sitting about 2″ passed my shoulder edges (See orange arrows? It was hard to find a contrasting color. Everything color wanted to blend into the background.):


At fitting,  I thought I have enough hip room, but was missing a little tummy space. .  I was right about not needing the 2″ center front length that I usually add (and was included by default when I copied the hem line from my sloper).  That’s an easy fix–just trim the 2″ and copy the change to the pattern.



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