Otto Style 10 Issue 5/2010 (Design Evaluation)

I have real reservations about raglan styles.  My pear shape needs style lines which will balance my shoulders with my hip line.  Too often a raglan sleeve emphasizes the narrowness of my shoulders and can even makes them look narrower.  However Style 10 has some balancing design lines going, making it a possibility for me..

First there is this wide neckline made even wider by the shape of the sleeve. I’m cautions about these.  First off, the neckline will have to be sized to fit me. I do not tolerate shoulders poking up through necklines. Secondly, although the line drawing shows the fairly straight shoulder, it may not be that way IRL. But for now, I give both features tentative pluses.

A very upright raglan, such as the LH5205, works very well. But you can see that the raglan here is angled steeply inward. BUT…

is counter acted by the outward angled lines of the sleeve hem and neckline portion of the sleeve. Another interesting feature at the neckline is the series of pin tucks. There are more than just decorative. They can help with fitting, especially when you are hollow chested such as I. They also “read” as a horizontal block from which the sleeve launches

So what you end up with, is a visual dominance of horizonal lines and outward bound angles that offset the inward angle of the raglan.

I don’t know who designs for Otto, but when I examine this design’s  details, I start thinking they must be shaped like me.


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