Finally Pants for the Brown 6PAC


Hard to see I know, but these were constructed using Otto 5/2007 #16, by now a TNT and favorite jean pattern.  I’m using a fabulous fabric. It’s cotton canvas in  deep cocoa brown just like what came out of the Hershey’s can when mom baked from scratch. One side of this fabric is rough like canvas, as expected. The other however has a velvety finish.  I used the velvet finish as the public side.

The fabric falls into the medium to heavy weight class.  I doubt that I will be tempted to wear these pants on into summer, but they will be perfect for spring and more than welcome when the first cold snap occurs next Sept/Oct.

I narrowed the leg and reduced some of the back thigh ease by darting out the ease on two sides of the pattern. I’ve indicated where I placed the darts with the green shading in the diagram below.

Darts were placed on both front and back leg pieces. Darts were 1/4″ wide at the hem. The inseam dart ended about 1″ below the knee. The dart on the side seam narrowed to 1/8″ at the knee and then ceased about at crotch level.  When sewn, each dart remove 1/2″ at hem level for a total of 2″ from each leg hem and 1/4″ from each knee.  Looking at the back leg of the PinStripe pants:

Feb 2013 Pin Stripe


I felt that 2″ was and acceptable reduction.  I folded the darts and taped with repositionable tape. I didn’t want to remove the width permanently because I remember how good the corduroy pants  legs look and feel. If ever I use a beefier fabric, I would remove the darts and use the pattern as originally drafted.

Dec 2012 Corduroy Pant


The finished slimmer leg in cotton duck ..

Brown 6 PAC


even though hard to see in the pic, has the same look and feel as the corduroy pant– even though it is a full 2″ narrower.   Unfortunately the slimmer leg created my dreaded X wrinkles


There are other fitting issues, which I want to discuss in a subsequent post. In this post I wanted to document the fabric used and the pattern alteration. To me it proves that the simplistic answer (demonstrated above) for narrowing legs does not work for my figure.

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  1. Hard to see, glad you used the Oct pattern. I’m “thinking” about tracing and trying – looks like maybe I should.