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i.e. Version 2 Fitting 2 which was letting out the side seams 1/4″.  The markings on my throat plate are in millimeters (mm).  I stitched at the 20 instead of 25 line which means that I let out the side seams slightly less than 1/4″.  Despite that bit of quibbling it is safe to say I added 1″ ease (1/4″ to each of 4 side seams or 1″) with the following result:


It’s important to note that the side seam was released only below the waistband all the way to the knee. The waistband is the same as in the first fitting.  I released to the knee because of the glaring X wrinkles on the back.  Both the front and the side look OK.  There’s no real pointing to my tummy as before.  I think the slight horizontal folds, which only show up in the PICS, are probably developing because the waist has stretched.  I’ll pull the waist back into shape when I add the facing and of course I’ll have belt loops and a belt to hold it in shape and place once the pant is completely finished.

So front and side good onto the back:


While the tightness across the hip has disappeared along with most horizontal lines, the X wrinkles are still prominent and most people would now be recommending that I perform a flat-butt adjustment.  But I know myself and I see not merely the folds of fabric below the seat but also the tendency of the crotch to creep between my cheeks. I feel relieved and a bit vindicated that my original thought had been that the Otto back crotch could not possibly fit my own back side.  Above is proof. With the exception of the knee,  all other issues have been eliminated or reduced to nearly nothing.  The only thing remaining are the wrinkles in back which will be removed by scooping the crotch changing it from that deep paren to a J shape.  To scoop out the correct amount make take a few fittings.

I am wondering if the yoke isn’t a bit wide for me.  It has continually billowed just a little.  I won’t change it though until I see how much the back rises when scoop out the crotch.

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