Style16 Drat! I thought I had it

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I ripped out the side seams and made them an even 1/4″ from top to bottom (1/4″ is my preferred seam allowance and what I use on TNT’s).  I cut 1.75″ from the leg length and made a 1.25″ hem (my favorite). Then I nailed everything down, because, I can’t let the seams out any further.  This is it for maximum ease.  I took a pic of the pocket:

You know how I love embroidery and I wanted to show off the top stitching.  I used the triple straight stitch  set at a 4.0 length and  polyester embroidery thread. Yep. That’s some pretty thin thread but creates a beautiful, heavy top stitch; and then I slipped my new jeans on.  Put the belt on and buckled it up because they felt so dang comfortable. Not kidding they feel wonderful.  To bad they look sloppy:

In this view the legs look horribly loose, like I bought jeans 4 sizes too large.  But it’s a lot better than:

No Belt

Now the dark spots are moisture.  I sprayed the pockets with water to melt and remove the last of the water-soluble stabilizer. So ignore them.  It’s puzzling to me that the pants can feel comfortable but be obviously too tight across the high hip, tummy and crotch.  Did anyone think, cod piece?

Of course I hoped I could improve the look by adding a belt. I mean a belt usually works really for me

Belted and zipped

Not this time.

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