Style 16 Fit 2

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I didn’t think it would work. Really I didn’t. But I thought I ought to at least try. So I took the time to rip out the side seams from mid-hip to waist and offset them so that the front side seam was sewn at 3/4″ and the back side seam was sewn with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  I thought it helped…

fit #2

…but didn’t fix the problems. I’m most concerned that the side seam should run perpendicular to the floor and pretty much bi-sect the side view. It still clearly leans to the back half and the jeans still contain lots of horizontal drag lines.  While you don’t necessarily see cottage cheese in my seating area, the excess ease from butt to knee is, well bad.

Oh and the crotch is till uncomfortable. The waist barely dropped at all. So any ease I was hoping for in the crotch, didn’t materialize.   If I’m to wear these at all, even as knock-around the house pants, I need enough ease to move and that includes breathing.  So back to the sewing room…

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